Why Us

Whether you want a life size house in Germany, a permanent Icebar in India, or a building launch in Dubai, we can work anywhere in the world….from mountain tops to beaches, we’re your guys!

Maybe we can assist you with a new product launch, PR stunt or Ice Bar for an event, we have the team and the solutions to match your brief. We have worked for some of the world’s leading brands and are trusted by all the top end caterers, Michelin star chefs and exclusive event planners in the UK. We understand that when supplying an event, every aspect needs to be right, and only the best will do.

Just in case you are wondering, nothing is too small for us also, we can produce your seating plan for your wedding, or a vodka luge for a birthday. We have lost track of the amount ice bars and bespoke ice sculptures we have produced for clients, so come and be our next client…..