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Icebox showcases at the ILEA Accelerate Conference Opening Party
Ice Curtain
We were delighted when ILEA gave us the opportunity to showcase our innovative and creative ice designs at the annual Accelerate Opening Party at Ministry of Sound.  It was a great opportunity for us to show fellow event professionals that there really are no limits to what we can do and that ice really does add that final WOW factor to an event… think about it, would you ever believe it was actually possible to have a curtain made of ice?The underlining theme of the event was ‘‘making the ordinary extraordinary’  As guests arrived through the gates, they were greeted by an urban, interactive brick graffiti wall.  Signing their names deep into the ice, they then made their way to the event space, passing a racing bike locked to a stand, perfectly encased in ice and a freestanding, smoking ashtray (yes a smoking ashtray!) made of ice.


How did they do that?  “Go nuts” was our brief, and that’s certainly what we did!  With no holds barred, we suspended a twinkling 2.5 meter ice curtain from the balcony above.  Directly in front of the curtain stood two ice poseur tables with surprise features trapped within. Either side of the main stage, we displayed stunning cala lilies, frozen in time within blocks of ice. A majestic and hugely impressive 3m high ‘Cherry Tree of Life’ took centre stage at the event.  The intricate carving of this piece and the clever use of white ice and red LEDs really made it a talking point of the night.  From afar guests marvelled at it, but as soon as they got close and realised that the red spheres were ice too – then once again the question of “how did you do that?” began to circulate.

In the 60 speaker Dolby Room at Ministry of Sound, we devised an ‘iceperience’ of the senses.  Stripped of their sight, guests were individually led into the room to dramatic and intense background sound.  Making use of the versatility of the space, we created five stations and ‘challenged’ the disorientated participant – forcing them to rely on only their touch, taste and hearing to make sense of the environment around them.

We were delighted to see so many of our wonderful industry friends and event professionals at the event and are hugely grateful to ILEA UK for allowing us to showcase so much ice at one event!  If anyone would like more information about the evening or would like to see further images of the sculptures, please email:

Highlight images from the night can be found by clicking here.