Ice Ware – Plates / Glasses

Ice used as a presentation piece will provide your guests with an engaging and unique experience. The Icebox have developed a range of serving ice bowls, plates, glasses and cups, that can all be used to make your food service special. Supplying top hotels, caterers, restaurants, private weddings and events throughout the UK, make your event individual, with ice.

The Icebox recently created 500 individual ‘starter’ plates in ice for an exclusive event caterer. Working from creation, tastings and the service at the event, with an onsite team working with the caterer’s team of 20 chefs, they showed the guests that there really are no boundaries of what can be achieved.

Exclusive to The Icebox, ‘IcyDrink’ ice glasses offer a unique way to serve chilled drinks, for use with cocktails. Stylish glass or plastic holders means no mess & easy to handle.