Ice Delivery London – Ice Cubes, Crushed Ice, Dry Ice and much more…

Since 1993, The Icebox has been leading the way in the bag ice delivery service. We are the premium suppliers of ice cubes, crushed ice & dry ice in London. Icebox are so well known and respected that we even have been requested to deliver our ice as far as Scotland, Ireland, and even the South of France! (and we did!)

Whether you want one bag in Soho or one thousand bags in St Tropez, we are happy to supply! We operate our delivery service 7 days a week 7am until past most people’s bed time. With our ever expanding fleet of freezer vehicles we will be sure to have a bag near you!

So here’s what we have in our freezers:

We have a supply of 50 tonnes of purified ice cubes every day, which makes us the ice supplier of choice to event organisers, the catering industry, and the UK festival scene. We supply some of London’s most famous venues; from 3 Michelin Star restaurants through to the coolest pubs and clubs.

We also manufacture daily from our industrial Hoshizaki ice plant London’s finest crushed ice! Crushed Ice is supplied in 12kg bags, and as it’s manufactured daily, and kept at the correct temperature so it stays loose and fresh.

Supplied in 10 x 1kg slabs or in 10kg bags of pellets, our dry ice is kept in specially insulated bins to stop evaporation. This ensures you receive the correct amount ordered.

Looking to take your cocktail to the next level? Why not try chipping the ice yourself! Our blocks are made crystal clear, by releasing all the oxygen as it freezes. This process results in the ice melting a lot slower than conventional cubes - the essential ingredient for an undiluted cocktail!

Still want to take your cocktail to the next level, but short on time? Well, let us make the shards from the chipping block for you. Supplied in 12kg bags, we will chip up a block and deliver it straight to your venue ready to go.

The new craze at celeb parties! Moon Balls are crystal clear machine carved spheres of ice. These cute solid ice balls, with the ice made the same way as the chipping blocks melt so much slower than your average ice cube.
These spheres are HUGE in Tokyo and New York, now the new fad is on its way to the UK.
Be the first to serve them up at your party, and wow your guests. The perfect serve for malt and speciality spirits as it melts slowly.

You thought Moon Balls were hot, these bespoke cubes are smoking! Looking like your average ice cube, but crystal clear and last again, so much longer!! These are unique – serious cubes, machine carved from crystal clear ice. Your guest will have no idea what hit them. Be the first to serve them up at your party, and wow your guests and start your own UK fad.

Why not try having each cube individually engraved with your logo or initials for a promotion or a party!

We can freeze mint leaves, berries, citrus slices – you name it – into ice cubes. A beautiful detail on photo shoots or VIP events. Why not challenge our ice delivery team to create something never done before? We are limited only by your imagination.

Whatever the site, whatever your event, we can supply, deliver and install industrial freezers to ensure that what you need cold, stays cold. Maybe you are looking for something bigger, a trailer or a portable cold room.                     
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