PR & Guerilla Marketing

The Icebox has pioneered the use of Ice as a powerful device to engage press interest for almost 20 years. Our successes are now legendary in the PR and advertising world, from the VW Polo campaign, the Guinness Pub in Ice to the ING DiBa life size Ice Houses in Germany project. We’re proud to work alongside the top agencies in the world; Freud, Borkowski, DDB, Saatchi, Ogilvy, Hill & Knowlton to name just a few.

The Icebox has led the use of ice as a photographic ‘attractor’ to engage television and photo journalists. We are the experts in making the image work, maximising interest and photo ability for our portfolio of clients. We listen to your objectives, whether ‘shock and awe’ or human interest and devise a design, scale and execution using ice as an exceptional tool that delivers and exceeds your expectations.

Guerilla marketing campaigns, using ice is exciting, powerful and edgy. On beaches, main squares throughout Europe, outside major venues, we will work with you to ensure the activity delivers results. We have worked in several major cities, with local authorities, and at major public events and festivals to allow impact and engagement with the public. Ice has a unique tactile quality that draws people in to check that it really is ice. At the earliest stage, we will establish what is possible and what will work, within your campaign guidelines. We love a challenge.