Live Ice Carving

The Icebox has led the way in live ice carving displays in the UK and Europe. Often linked to a live experiential event or campaign, carving a part of (or the whole) sculpture guarantees engagement by the audience. Creating life size figures on a nightclub terrace in Barcelona, Lisbon or in Athens, at a mainstream festival in the UK, at a major awards ceremony, at a Corporate dinner in a 5 star hotel in Park lane and Jersey or an exclusive private Fundraiser, The Icebox team has created hundreds of exceptional results that have made an outstanding impact and a memorable brand experience and entertainment.

Creating an ice sculpture in front of an audience is a carefully planned and stage managed event. The Icebox are the most experienced company in the UK in creating this live event, with minimal effect on the venue, taking care of all the logistics and production, to ensure a highly effective and successful live ice carving event.

Visit The Icebox’s dedicated YouTube channel to watch ice sculpting displays from recent events.

Live ice carving is about the power of ice, drawing in the audience and ensuring that they are entertained and brand messages retained, in a subtle and original way.