Icebox Entertainment – Ice Rinks

The Icebox have been a worldwide market leader in ice installations since 1993, experienced in creating innovative & dynamic stuff with ice! The Icebox have been involved with the design, installation and management of ice rinks for many years.  In June 2011, we formed a partnership with one of Europe’s leading ice rink suppliers to create ‘Icebox Entertainment’.

Why did The Icebox choose our European Partners?
They are proven experts in indoor shopping centre rink installations, which is a big growth market in the UK.  BUT, they also specialize in outdoor ice rinks in varying climates, like Angola, Africa and Brazil, South America.  They have developed, and patented their own aluminium ice rink equipment which reduces energy costs by up to 40%, compared to the standard EBDM rubber systems.

Quality and Innovation

  • We can reduce our clients energy costs by up to 40%, this has a big impact on the environment.
  • We  work with a leading University on the research and development of ice rinks
  • We develop and invest in the newest technologies on the market, this way we can guarantee exclusivity and innovation with each project
  • Key Benefits include up to 40% energy reduction, flexible ice rink sizes as well as very fast assembly and disassembly, reducing costs.

Creative, Innovative and Dynamic stuff with ice!
If you are looking for a unique attraction, and are ready to break away from the traditional rectangular ice rink design, let us show you what is possible:

  • Bespoke ice rink shapes, tailored to suit & maximise your space
  • Ice tracks, ice ramps, ice slides
  • Hollow centres for Christmas trees, or an ice bar?
  • Frozen ice rooms – bars and ‘chill out’ ice lounges
  • Live ice carving – unique entertainment to engage the public
  • Ice workshops – public master classes in ice carving

Visit our European partners IBERICE – Worldwide Ice Solutions