Case Studies - Ice Designs
Jersey Pottery
Parthenon Replica

The ice sculptures were the talking point of the evening and a complete surprise to all in attendance, with most having never seen anything like it before. Both Jersey Pottery and their client were extremely pleased with the ice designs and flawless execution from The Icebox team.

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Rhubarb Food Design

The stunning result was not only an attractive and impactful ice design solution, but also a practical one that the chefs found easy to use and work with. Demonstrating the highly effective use of ice for food and beverage service, the Icebox created exactly what the client requested. This ice design has now become a ‘Signature piece’ for the ‘’rhubarb’’ design and kitchen team for the

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Partridge Events

The international VIP guests were stunned at the beauty of the Tower Bridge ice bar and remarked at the detail of the Oil drilling rig. For the hosts of the event, they were delighted by the impact it created. The subtly integrated branding ensuring that their guests remembered their event above many others attended that week. Our clients were very pleased with the installation and professionalis

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Yachts of Seabourn

With just 7 days lead time, the Icebox agreed designs and created the ice features, meeting the Seabourn Sojourn as it docked at the port in Dover. The ice sculptures were then carefully loaded into large freezers within the kitchen of luxury ship. When it arrived in London the following afternoon, on one of the hottest days of the year, the Icebox team was ferried to the ship to install the ice

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ICE DESIGNS - CASE STUDY 2 - Oracle - image 2

The versatility, consistency and excellent value as a successful communications tool has ensured that our clients continue to use the branded ice bar tops for their events.

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Andrew Martin
ICE DESIGNS - CASE STUDY 1 - Andrew Martin - image 3

Our clients were delighted and again were the most innovative and dynamic exhibitors at such a prestigious design show, attended by over 11,000 visitors. The impact and draw of the ice features, as always really setting the Andrew Martin stand apart. The CEO – Martin Waller wrote ‘Thank you to you and your team for yet another fantastic installation in ice. We received rapturous comments and i

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