Attributed: Imagination

As you know, I had been looking for an opportunity to work with you ever since I saw your amazing ice exhibition in Hannover. Finally we had that opportunity realised at the London Motorshow and Ice Box met all my expectations and more. From our initial meeting you have successfully transformed our stand into the ‘coolest’ place to be at this year’s Motorshow. The whole process has been a pleasure, your quality and commitment to detail does you proud and we all enjoyed the challenges that came with a 6-tonnes carved ice car being built on stage before our eyes. None of us were to know during the planning stages that you would have to deal with temperature in the high 90’s, but even this obstacle presented few problems to your team. Thank you for dealing with the press interest at your workshop and above all for meeting our budgets and delivering to an exceptionally high standard.

The show was an outstanding success and all aspects of the Ice Box features worked extremely well; the life-size ice car received more press than any other launch that day, the Ice Bar and DJ booth provided a daily cool haven from the heat and the live ice carving was a huge draw for the public.

Once we have the results of the visitor survey I will pass on some actual statistics but in the Meantime please pass on my sincere thanks to all your team for making the experience unforgettable.

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